Frequently Asked Questions

Is an internet connection required?

Yes and no. ExeWrapper can operate entirely offline, but it is recommended that you timestamp your code signatures online. The Microsoft doc says, "Time stamping allows Authenticode signatures to be verifiable even after the certificates used for signature have expired."  (source)

In other words, if you don't timestamp your signatures they expire when your certificate does.

What was that about Homebrew?

Prior to October 2019, it was necessary to have Homebrew installed to use ExeWrapper. This is no longer required, and ExeWrapper functions completely without Homebrew.

If ExeWrapper guided you through installation and you have no other use for Homebrew, it is safe to uninstall. (instructions can be found here)

Can I use my Apple code signing certificate?

No, unfortunately not. You will need to purchase a Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate to sign executables for Windows.

Can I extend after my current updates period expires?

Yes, absolutely! Thank you for your support :)

In this case, you will recieve updates for one year from the date of renewal.

Contact me

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