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Microsoft Authenticode Signing - right from Mac!

A cross-platform developer's dream, ExeWrapper enables you to code sign Windows executables on a macOS machine. It is now easy to work, build, and code sign in macOS. A simple convenience for any workflow.

Save time by staying in macOS to sign deliverables. No need to dual boot into another operating system. No headaches fumbling with VMs to find the one with the right configuration. Everything necessary to code sign is together, in one place.

Windows UAC dialog showing a verified publisher

Be a Verified Publisher

Protect your users by code signing your software. Signed executables will display a verified publisher message with your company name. When users see your name, they'll know the download is safe to run.

ExeWrapper will code sign executables using SHA-256 to support Microsoft's latest requirements for Windows 10. Signatures are also timestamped online to ensure they are considered valid after your certificate expires.

Mac Features and Power

Take advantage of the macOS features you expect from any app.

Secure password storage
Certificate passwords can optionally be stored on your local macOS keychain. Keychain is secured and encrypted by the system. Set it and forget it!

Drag and drop easy
Set the certificate and add files with a simple drag and drop operation. Drop everything into ExeWrapper and it will sort out what can be signed.

System Notifications
Enable notifications to receive status updates in Notification Center when signing a batch has completed.

Download ExeWrapper and give it a try for free!
ExeWrapper will process batches of up to five files for evaluation.

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