ExeWrapper Features

Authenticode sign Windows executables without leaving macOS

  Quick easy code signing

ExeWrapper is built to make the code signing process quick and easy. Drag and drop an entire project build onto the files list and let ExeWrapper sort out what needs to be signed.

Click on Sign Files and let your Mac do the work.

  Configurable signing options

Code sign for situations beyond the default.

  • Replace existing signatures if necessary
  • Automatically or manually select a timestamp server
  • Code sign in an entirely offline environment by disabling timestamps

Signature Verification Tool

Check, verify, and inspect code signed Windows executables

Simply powerful

Designed every step of the way to be simple without sacrificing usability.

  • ExeWrapper automatically determines what needs to be signed
  • Certificate passwords can be stored securely using the macOS keychain
  • Progress notifications available for Notification Center

Certificate details at ease
ExeWrapper can display basic information about a PFX / P12 certificate. No need to launch yet another utility, keep your workflow rolling.

Extract or remove signatures
Developers can do more than just code sign with ExeWrapper. GUI tools make it easy to extract or remove a code signature.

Download ExeWrapper and give it a try for free!
ExeWrapper will process batches of up to five files for evaluation.