Code sign Windows executables - from Mac!

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Technical FAQ

Why is an internet connection required?
To satisfy Windows Security on Windows 10 all signatures are cryptographically timestamped. This service is provided by Comodo free of charge. The signtool will need to access timestamp.comodoca.com, please set your firewall accordingly.

Can I use my Apple code signing certificate?
No, unfortunately not. You will need to purchase a Windows Code Signing Certificate to sign executables for Windows.

Does ExeWrapper make any network connections?
The sign tool does in order to timestamp signatures, but ExeWrapper will not by itself. Software update checking is off by default, and may be enabled in Preferences. Statistics are never collected.

Why is OpenSSL required?
Apple no longer includes OpenSSL with macOS. They have their own cryptography library, so to use the OpenSSL powered sign tool, OpenSSL is required. ExeWrapper can install OpenSSL automatically with Homebrew.

Is Homebrew required?
No. If you install the OpenSSL package correctly without it, Homebrew is not required. However, this is not easy - so to make the process simple ExeWrapper can install Homebrew and OpenSSL for you.

Why does ExeWrapper ask for my sudo password?
Homebrew needs to change some permissions, so Homebrew asks for your sudo password. ExeWrapper does not need, use, or store your password for any purpose. My hope is to one day be able to afford plugins so the system authentication dialog can be used.


License FAQ

The key expires?
A license key is valid for the version of ExeWrapper that is current on the day of purchase. The license key will also unlock versions of ExeWrapper released within the updates timeframe. After the updates timeframe, you will need to extend the license to unlock new versions. A license key will always unlock versions that were released prior to the end of the updates timeframe.

Updates Timeframe
Purchase of a new license entitles you to an updates timeframe of one year from the date of purchase.

Extending Updates
Extension of the updates period can be done any time after purchase of a license key. It works like domain name renewals. The updates timeframe will be extended by one year, or a new end date is set for one year from the purchase date; whichever is longer.

How do I extend my updates period?
After activating a license key the purchase button becomes an "Extend License" button. Click this to be taken to the extension page with your license details filled in. Additionally, entering a key that has expired will also offer the option to extend.

Can I extend after my updates expire?
Yes! Thank you for your support :)